Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get out of the comfort zone

Do you want to make a breakthrough with your health and fat loss? Well, you simply can’t coast through life if you want change, you need to get out of your comfort zone, today. Yes, it’s difficult and scary, but that’s exactly what makes it so rewarding on so many levels.

You are not alone, everybody who seeks massive changes in their life has to go through this, even the most successful and courageous people throughout history had to breakthrough their comfort zone in the pursuit of greatness. Take Steve Jobs for example; here was a man who achieved great things in a shortened life, when diagnosed with cancer, he could have easily crawled into his comfort zone, but he came out fighting and took his legacy to loftier heights.

I personally need to be growing, developing and working on some kind of project or I feel discontent. I suppose that stems from my childhood, growing up we didn’t have much, looking back now I felt I had to be the hero. So, I’m always seeking to extend my boundaries even today. But, there are times when I wish I could sit in front of the TV or go and play tennis instead of working, studying and researching fat loss and motivation. The honest truth is I deal with this urge most days by reminding myself of my long term goals and vision. I am telling you this because you probably feel the same about your health, fitness or any life goal.

Maybe, you have a desire to improve your health and appearance, but you are being held back. Do not fear, be courageous, get out there and conquer new territories and the reward will be that much sweeter. Yes, it would be easier to fall back into the groves on the sofa, eat whatever junk you want and skip the time you need to devote to your health. But, I know you will not be satisfied, you’re still reading this because you care and you want change. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the health and the body you deserve. In fact, go and get the life that you really want.

Start by planning and preparing, build on solid foundations and never give up. I challenge you to try something new, I believe you can do it, but do you believe in yourself?

Kevin CPT

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