Thursday, October 13, 2011

Healthy eating habits and their importance in weight loss

Although there is a close relationship between healthy eating and weight loss, not everybody that embraces healthy eating habits does so in order to lose weight. In many occasions they do because it is a way to avoid serious health issues or to make some undergoing conditions become better. For instance, it is well known that lowering the daily sodium intake, and reducing the amount of processed foods we eat can have an impressive positive effect in our high blood pressure, helping it come to levels closer to normal.

However, it is very important to eat a healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet in order to ensure that our weight loss efforts provide us with long lasting results. This is the main reason why health experts and nutritionists always speak against fad diets that force people with over weight to feed their organisms on a limited amount of calories and on a reduced number of foods. Needless to say, this diet program usually leads to an unbelievably fast weight loss but it also deprives our organism from precious vitamins, minerals, oligo elements and proteins as well as other nutrients that our body requires to perform its daily tasks and activities. As a result, our health becomes weaker and we are more prone to suffer from viral diseases as our immune system is endangered. And, from the weight loss point of view, the results achieved do not last long. We feel so hungry that we end up falling into temptation and we end up filling our bodies with unhealthy eating choices such as pastas, pastries, sweets or candies.

As it has just been said, healthy eating choices have a significant impact in weight loss plans. As we eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and we get accustomed to eating vegetables of at least three different colors in every meal, we learn to mix vegetables and fruits in salads, juices and shakes, we always opt for lean sources of protein such as pork and poultry and we take skimmed dairy products to provide our bones with the calcium they require, our body is well nourished without adding many extra calories.

In every healthy eating plan, bread and pasta are not missing. But either we reduce the amount of these items that we take regularly or we opt for whole grain options that are much more beneficial for ourselves. Whole grain cereals that are present in brown rice, whole grain pasta and whole grain bread are very rich in fiber. Fiber helps us to feel fuller for longer and make our body burn more calories to process them. In addition, fiber helps us cleanse our colon and digestive system.

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