Saturday, October 8, 2011

How FAT are you?

For the majority of us, we measure our weight loss success in completely the wrong way! We step on to the scales and watch our pounds fluctuate week by week! If you are one of those people I want you to walk over to your scales pick them up, head over to the bin and drop them inside!

We have become obsessed with numbers! From now on I want you to base your success on how you feel, how you look naked and how your clothes fit!

So, why have I got you to throw your scales in the garbage? Have you heard the saying that the scales never lie? Well, the truth is, most of them do!

Ok! brace yourselves, for the breakthrough! Most household scales do not differentiate between weight, meaning they do not provide you with a breakdown of your body composition (water, lean body mass or fat). Therefore, you can not fully interpret the changes occurring within the body, especially when embarking on a new fitness and healthy eating lifestyle.

Remember, lean body mass (muscle tone) weighs a lot more than fat, so if you are losing fat but gaining muscle tone, the household scales my not detect much change in your overall weight. But, in reality your body is changing shape and gearing up for permanent weight loss and by weight loss I mean FAT loss.

In conclusion, do not fall victim to the numbers, many people lose motivation especially in the first few months of a new exercise and healthy eating lifestyle and ultimately scrap it all together because the household scales lie!

If you like to use numbers to measure you success, try counting how many compliments you get each week, how many people say WOW you’ve lost weight or how many less notches on your belt buckle you use.

Determined not to lose your connection with you beloved scale? My advice is that you find a local fitness expert to regularly measure your body composition, that way you can see your true success. As for those household scales, send them to the scrap heap!!

Committed to your health and wellness

Kevin CPT

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